PayPal to EON Card: Withdraw Funds to Card


Last Tuesday, May 7 2013, we have successfully received our funds from PayPal to our EON card. We have made a PayPal withdrawal to card option last May 1, 2013 and has been completed by PayPal after 2 days and after 2 banking days, UnionBank has susccessfully transferred the money to our eon card.

How to withdraw Paypal funds to your EON Card

Please take note of the following:
Withdrawal Fee: $5
Return Fee: $10
Minimum Amount to Withdraw: Php 500.00
You should have at least 1 card added to your Paypal account. Learn how to add and verify your paypal account using eon.

Log in to your PayPal account and on the tab above choose Withdraw. On the current page, choose Withdraw Funds to your Card.

Choose the currency and the amount you want to withdraw. Select your EON card number on the drop down list. Click continue. Review your transaction and make sure that your EON matches the name on your card to avoid failure withdrawal and return fees. Click Confirm.

On your My Account page, you can view your transaction with pending status. Paypal will review and set the status to completed once they have send the money. Once completed, wait for 2 or 3 banking days for UnionBank to be able to transfer your funds to your eon card.

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