UInvest: We give you 3% rebate of your Investment

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  Limited Offer!

Be our referral in UInvest and get 3% rebate of your investment directly to your Paypal account!
For example:
Invest $100 and we'll send you $3.
Invest $1000 and we'll send you $30.
Invest $10000 and we'll send you $300.

We will send your payment directly to your Paypal account.

Sign up on UInvest using this link. Deposit any amount to your UInvest account using any method or processor of your choice.
Send us an email at support@letsmakemoneytalk.com with the subject UInvest 3% rebate and in the messsage body, add your username in UInvest, the amount of your investment, and your paypal email.
We will check if you are our referral and if it matches the amount you have invested. After verification, we will send you your money to your Paypal address that you have written in your email.

Current Rebate that has been paid to our referrals: $1,285.34

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